Monday, 27 July 2015

Samsung Galaxy Genuine Check or Legitimate Model Check

Samsung fans are commonly lied while buying phones from the market. In June 2015 i was a culprit of the same issue as i bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100(International Model) & later found out it was an SGH-T899(T-Mobile Variant). This in a short time caused me alot of trouble with the phone network which gave me sleepless nights trying to fix the issue. That's why i find it necessary to alert others not to fall prey of the same issue in future In Shaa Allah(God willing).
When u go to buy a Samsung Galaxy device on market or from someone;
- With deviced turned off, press power button + home button + volume down button(press all the 3 buttons at the same time)to enter download mode.
- You will see the device model indicated there & other important details.
- After checking, remove the battery & return it back to power on the device normally.

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